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Private Label Order Form

To order your private label of the Search Engine Promotion Tools system please READ the terms below before filling our the order form below.

Once we receive and review your order our programming team will call or email you with further instructions and the procedures for getting started.

Please note before completing the application below you must agree to the terms and conditions below. By completing the order process you acknowledge that you have read and agree to these conditions.

  1. You may use your own credit card merchant account to accept subscriber payments OR you may elect to use our payment gateway.
    If you do not have a merchant account you may get one here.

    (NOTE: If you choose to use our merchant account for processing your clients' orders, you will be billed extra 10% commission each month that your client continues to use the system.)

  2. You may charge your subscribers whatever you like for service as long as it is not less then the rates posted on our site. (See suggested pricing here)

    As the private label owner, you will receive 70% of all subscriber fees your private label generates.

  3. At the end of each month we will invoice you (via email) for 30% of all gross sales the previous month, (provided you are using your own merchant account processor.)

    Our 30% revenue share covers all software updates, programming and hardware upgrades, web hosting, bandwidth, support and maintenance for your private labeled system. You will have seven days to pay this invoice. Failure to pay this invoice will result in your service being shut off until your invoice is paid

  4. While many of our private label partners are making thousands and thousands of dollars a month in residual income from offering the SEPT private labeled service, please note that we can not and do not make earnings claims.

  5. Our private label partners program is not promoted as a "business opportunity" your personal income and success are dependant on your actions and promotion of your private label. You are solely responsible for the marketing and ultimate success of your private labeled site.

  6. You may NOT use the web site design or template for your private label, however, you may have us integrate your existing web site design into your new private label OR you may use one of several web site template designs we offer.

  7. You may NOT use ANY article content or ad copy found on the web site. Doing so would be a copyright violation and your private label will be disabled without refund.

    HOWEVER - you will be provided with ad copy and sales content you CAN use to promote your private label. But remember - you are NOT granted permission to use the content found on this web site.

  8. You understand that once your order is processed and programming has commenced, all programming and set up fees are non-refundable.

  9. Once you are signed up all tech inquires and integration work will be assigned to our technical specialist team. They will act as your future contact regarding questions you have about your new private label.

I have read and agree to the terms above and on the following page and am ready to get my Search Engine Promotion Tools system set up and want to start promoting my new site in just 3-5 days! Click the button below!

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