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Search Engine Promotion Tools.Com FAQ:

Discover all the time, money, and effort saving benefits you'll gain when you use Search Engine Promotion!

  1. How important is it to submit your site to the search engines?

  2. Can really work?

  3. How much traffic to my site can I expect?

  4. How long before I can see my site in the search engines?

  5. I've never submitted to the search engines before. Is it hard to do?

  6. Is Search Engine Promotion Tools.Com easy to use?

  7. Can I submit more than one web site?

  8. Do you offer a guarantee?

  9. How often is your database updated?

How important is it to submit your site to the search engines?

The fact is that unless your web site is listed in the search engines, it might as well be invisible to the world.

Independent studies prove that search engine listings provide better results than any other form of Internet advertising.

In fact, over 80+ % of all Internet traffic comes from the search engines; and getting your web site listed in ALL the search engines is the most cost effective way to promote your web site.

The bottom line is that search engines & your positioning in them are literally the key to your success on-line.

Does really work?

ABSOLUTELY! Better then you could even imagine. The time savings and money you'll save are just part of the story when using this service. You'll also profit through:

  • Increased web site traffic

  • Higher search engine visibility

  • Correctly optimized web pages

  • Flawless automated submission.

Plus, you'll have the all the resources you need right at your finger tips so you'll know exactly where your site ranks and more importantly, the insider info to keep it ranked high.

We're so sure that it works that we even offer a money back guarantee!

How much traffic can I expect, and how soon?

There is no set rule, and there is no way to accurately project a standard number of hits you might receive. You see the total number of new visitors your site receives is determined by the search engine, its audience, and how tightly you focus or topic of your site.

However, no matter what your site is about or sells, SEPT WILL make sure that your site is submitted to over 700,00 search engines, directions and FFA pages.

But please remember, that it can take weeks for some search engines to get around to indexing your site, so do not be discouraged if you do not see results or increased traffic right away. It will happen soon enough :)

Remember, just one good listing, in any of the major search engines means that your potential audience could be in the millions!

How long before I can see my site in the search engines?

That is an excellent question! The truth is that on average it can take 4 to 8 weeks (depending on the search engine) before your site is indexed and listed.

Long gone are the days when you could get your site indexed in 24 hours.

I know that this sounds like a long time but you must keep in mind that there are on average over 14,000+ new web sites going up everyday and they all want to get indexed as well.

Combine that with all the other sites out there that want to be re-indexed and you can see why there's a huge back log.

You just have to be patient and let the search engine spiders come to you after you've submitted. They will come to you and index your site eventually.

Just make sure that you take advantage of that opportunity by having your site ready, and Search Engine Friendly!

I've never submitted to the search engines before. Is it hard to do?

Yes it can be - IF you are doing your search engine submission by hand. It could take you literally hours and hours each month to do this manually.

That's where the real value of SEPT comes in. Because it submits to MORE search engines then you EVER could do manually AND it does it automatically for you! Just ask yourself what that kind of time savings is worth to you? $.49 cents a day? You bet!

Is Search Engine Promotion Tools.Com easy to use?

Absolutely! You'll just fill out the simple "info form" and some basic info about your site, select the search engines and directories where you want to submit to and click the 'Submit' button! Within minutes your business is instantly publicized across the globe.

Or use SEPT's built in "Scheduler" & have the software automatically resubmit your site at any time. You can even use the Doorway Page generator to create hundreds of "entry points" for your site!

With SEPT's built in scheduler, Meta Tag Creator, Link Popularity Checker, Doorway Page creator, FTP Uploader and so much more. SEPT gives you ONE powerful program for all of your promotional needs.

Can I submit more than one web site?

Yes, with SEPT you can save, edit, and re-mail an unlimited number of "project" files. You can create projects and recall those files at any time, or send a new submission at anytime. Just choose the package you need and you're ready to go!

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes, we're so confident you'll love SEPT that we back it up with a 30 day guarantee.

While we can't promise your web site will will get a top 10 ranking (no one can by the way) we do promise our software does everything we say it does and that it will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars by handling your own search engine submission and optimizations for you.

How often do you update your database of search engines?

The SEPT database is updated over 3 times a month.

Try SEPT™ FREE and you'll see why the experts are calling it the PERFECT SOLUTION for successfully promoting any business online - even yours!

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